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My Cyber Sistahs Page: 1

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Sherri is a wonderful person, sincere, warmhearted, a great listener, adviser and friend. I luv her dearly.

She is 33 and lives in New Brunswick, Canada. Cory and Cindy are her two beautiful children.

You know, in one's lifetime you encounter a few people with whom you feel there is a special connection. You feel as if you've known them always. You know how that person's heart and mind work. Ring a bell???

Well, I'd consider her one of those few people I have met so far in my life who fits into that chapter :)

Oh.. and she has her own homepage too *S*
You can find her at :

Now move down to my next sister please... SAME PAGE :)

This is Donna. Better known as Dimples. A wonderful friend and sister of mine :). She lives in Maine and has 3 grown children.

I won't tell you her age cause you won't believe me anyway. What? You wanna know anyway?
OK OK, she's 45!
See!! I told ya you wouldn't believe me :).

Donna has a great *intuition and perception* and therefore a great and true feeling for people.
She knows what people are all about and is a great listener whenever her friends need a shoulder to cry on, or a confidant to tell their *dirt* to.
She loves music ( her favorite song is Silver Screen (by Fleetwood) and Journey. She plays the piano and loves nature and all things natural and free.

*Its difficult to let go of feelings we have and believes our heart has obtained. But when we find *the real thing* ..... oh isn't that a sweet joy, so well deserved? Overruling all that previously guarded and protected. FAITH!! :)