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 There you are . Glad you made it.


This is my new updated mainpage. I seem to not be able to leave it alone and have to come back and change the layout once in a while.

We are but a spark in the universe.

Things are speeding up. Don't you find yourself feeling that there must be a deeper reason for our journey through life?

Many of us are looking for answers to their questions. But many don't know where or how to begin their search.

Are you?

If you're not, don't leave ... there is down to earth *normal* stuff on this page too :) Something for everyone! :)

There's much more to a person than his or her *outside*,  believe me!

The difference between your Soul and your Personality ( in English, German and Spanish) and Energy! (Chakras)  let you see what I am searching for, what I have been able to perceive and experience, and the answers I can give.

These articles I wrote will take you on the Journey towards perception and intuition.

There are some facts about me and some pictures as well. I would like you to check out my ART. I have just updated my Gallery.

I added photoalbums of my NET-Sisters and -Brothers, with a little description of each person.

Do come back once in a while: There will be new and interesting *things*....OH, and while you're at it ... I certainly would love to read your comments in my guestbook :)

                               Where am I from,                                      My ART GALLERY
                             What am I here for                               FACES OF THE WORLD
                              and Where do I go                                       Original Pastels
                     Heck... more info about me :)
                               Prediction for the                                  ENERGY and CHAKRAS
                                 New Millenium                                   Our Energypoints and their
                                 (HOPI Indians)                                               Activation
                    A blank page in our mind for:                                  My Guestbook  :)
                  OUR SOUL AND PERSONALITY                       Often visited and frequently
                                                                                                        added to
                  OUR SOUL AND PERSONALITY                               My Net buddies
            Versions in English, Spanish and German                         Photoalbum:
                                 Drop me a line,                                       My Net buddies
                       I'd love to hear your comments                            Photoalbum:
                           either in my guestbook or                                     LADIES
                                    thru email :)