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Meditation - Chakras - Energypoints - Energy

In different times, in different cultures, there are many forms of meditation. Each one of them right for certain people, for certain developement, for certain outcomes and reasons.

I feel that I should not speak of forms of meditation which I do not personally know and practise, and/or understand.

So, I will talk to you about what I personally do, not saying that this is the only way to meditate or the only right way to do it... NO NO NO

Its simply what feels right and good for me.

Before concentrating on my chakras (energypoints) I do, what I call a cleansing.

Either laying or sitting in an upright position with my arms along my body, I start feeling ENERGY going into the sole of my right foot. I guide this energy up my right leg , from joint to joint .. waiting at each joint for the energy to arrive.. I then guide my energy up the right side to my right shoulder, then make it go down my right arm all the way to my fingertips and back up to my right shoulder.
Then I guide the energy up the right side of my head to the top of my head. Now I do the same thing down my body's left side. Down my left side of my head to my left shoulder, down to my fingertips (left) up my arm again.. down the left side of my body, down my left leg, into my left foot, and out of the sole of my left foot.

I feel a magnetic, warm feeling all around and inside my body..

Now I let my energy flow evenly around my body. starting at the outside of both my feet.. guiding the energy up and around my body all the way to my head and above..

That is what I call the cleansing of the body's energy conduits.