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The 7 Thunders - HOPI prophecies (in agreement with Mayan, biblical, scientificic and other facts)

Prophecies based on HOPI Elders, proven by past events and earth changes.


There are children all over the world starving, and they are being ignored. We are pushing earth to her limits, and beyond.


The coming of a comet which is the prelude of the arrival of the Purifier. The twins return to earth, changing the poles's gravity of the planet. Human and earth conciousness and frequency changes. Crossbreeding of animals, soulless people.


3 demons come and cause deceases. One of them can not be killed. All that connected with Water is in trouble. Ecosystem - distortion.

4th Thunder

The devil winds arrive, strange winds form, tornados change direction. The global situation declines, we experience violence. Humans feel emotional stress and fatigue. Extraterrestials are no longer deniable. Our known dimension rips. We are communicating with the stars. All structures colapse (religious, social, economic, cientific) Some lose spirituality and connection to the word.

5th Thunder

The breakdown of cosmology. An ancient city, burried in the gulf of mexico is discovered. It holds the answers.(after earth plates shift, this *lost* city has no other way to go, but up) The secrets of the pyramids are being solved, they serve as machines. Certain life forms dissapear, others, insectoids, appear. Electronically created viruses appear. Preones protein building blocks react mechanically to vibrations.

6th Thunder

The tail of the turtle breaks. Volcanos errupt (Popocateptl). The twins return as purifiers (cleansing and rebirth). Action in California. Earth movements/quake in the Cascade Mountains.

Strange lights appear in the skies. The existence of hybrids is obvious. (babies with half a brain, excess limbs, deformations, etc are born) The presence of Extraterrestrials is being felt. The brothers from the stars return, trying to hold together what is falling apart. The intervention occurs.

General Prophecies

Water will be more valuable than soil

The West Coast experiences volcanic activity until the year 2003.

Coastal water rises.

Magnetic shifting of the poles. Earth's rotational axes (now at 27 degrees and a bit more) will stabelize at 32 degress in the year 2000.

Only two seasons, worldwide. (California will get alaskan winds in winter)

Worldwide temperatures elevate 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Europe and USA affected by severe weather.

Earthquakes of 9 to 10 points on the richterscale.

Land INcreases at Japan Coastline.

More *streetkids*, 75 % of the people will rush out of the cities.

1998 - 1999 US government changes.

Volcanic erruption in the mediteranean.

Banning of fuel.

Strange animals and insects in the desserts.

*Lost* city, alike Atlantis, discovered - bringing solutions for survival.

The truth about Extraterrestrials is no longer *hidden*.

3 warnings are brought:

A holographic image is projected in the skies. People are *frozen in time* to watch the skies ( time lag, time overlap )

Dematerialization of many people.

Appearence of *LIGHTSHIPS*.

This Summary is based on Robert Ghostwolfs' book and public appearences. Robert Ghostwolf works closely with the Elders of different tribes of american Indians. A link to his homepage is found on my link page.