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A tiny bit about me ;)

I'm Corinne, 35, born and raised in Switzerland and living in Mexico. I like languages, was first taught Swiss German, and later on, in school, German. Then came English and some Italian, oh, and French of course. I improved my English after finishing my career as a Paralegal, by spending a year in Puerto Rico where I first met my father and then, the second time there, I met my husband, a handsome, intelligent, spiritual, mexican pilot .. oooh. Somewhere between the first and second time in P.R. I worked as Public Relations Director of a Travel Organization in the San Francisco Area. Then back to Switzerland again, where I worked at the Zurich Insurance Company, International Department. Then I came here.......oh here is Mexico, where I married my now husband. We have two beautiful children, Enya (10) and Yanic (7). Here I learned Spanish of course. If recently started to feel the urge to learn a new we go again!! I just started looking abit into Japanese and am improving my Italian.

Oh, I'd also consider myself a bit of an artist..;) Check out the Gallery!!!

I do quite alot of soulsearching... trying to get to know myself, my soul, my essence and searching for answers to all those questions about the reason for life..... and its boundaries and limitations.....Are there any?

hey....don't leave before looking at the other pages *S* oooooooooooooooooooooh ;)

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