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Who am I?

Who are we, where do we come from, where do we go?


We do have energy flowing inside of us. Can we connect our energy flow with our Higher Self and thru it with *guides* and *masters*, with souls?

Thus, can we be guided by them, learn from them, be in harmony with them and expand?

Is there more to us and to the energy flowing in this universe than the eye perceives?

The spiritual Mind, sometimes called Higher self, consists of matter and ethers from the higher mental planes within other dimensions. This Higher Self expresses our Innate Divine Nature with clarity, syntheses and at-one-ment. When you merge into the energies and awareness of the Higher Self, by opening your Chakras (see *), you are able to perceive all forms of ideas and knowledge within the proper perspective. The chakras can cause you EMOTIONAL HEALING and bring you STRENGTH.

A chakra is the interface point between the physical and the non-physical form. The chakras are structural blueprints, serving as conduits for the compliment energy held in the Higher Self.

Each chakra acts as a transformer within the body. The purpose is to bring into the system a higher frequency of vibration.

The root, solar plexus and crown chakras are able to access and receive energies from the Higher Self, once alligned and in a higher frequency.

Now, why do we want to align and change the frequency of the energy in our body?

The energy, building up from the first chakra to each following one until the seventh, the crown chakra, and then to the 8th chakra, results in spiritual growth and awareness of other levels of energy and perceptions being created.



This is the first Chakra, called the Root Chakra.

Its location is at the base of the spine.

Color: RED

It feeds the life giving system (the joy for life).

This one here is the 2nd Chakra, called Spleen Chakra.

It is located between the Asis bone and the hips, around the sexual organs, lower back.

It processes the oxygen from the atmosphere which then vitalizes the entire system of chakras.

In other words - it helps digestion, purification, and sexual energies, enhances also the self esteem, creativity, spiritual awareness and integration.


This one here is the 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus Charkra.

It vitalizes the nervous system, brings us joy, sadness, gut feeling reactions and psychic impressions.

It also helps the will, intention and integrity of one...*S*


The 4th Chakra, Heart Center Chakra, controls the circulation of the blood.

Through this Heart Chakra, we can feel the connection and sense of oneness with others. It vitalizes love, peace, harmony and kindness.

Color: GREEN

The 5th Chakra is called Throat Chakra. Its location is between the shoulder blades.

It serves as a link for the received energy in the solar plexus, vitalizing communication, self expression and dicernment.


This one is the 6th Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra, located in the Brow Ridge.

This chakra vitalizes the central nervous system, helping our intuition, truth, freedom, knowledge.

In meditation, colors, images, feelings, pictures come "in" through this chakra.

Color: BLUE

Now, we come to the seventh Chakra, the Crown Chakra, located at the center of the top of the head.

It vitalizes the upper brain and anchors the etheric stream into the physical body, bringing knowledge of Infinity, insights from the spiritual Self and reverence.


Through this chakra we connect with the 8th Chakra, which is located about 6 inches above the head, and with that link we connect directly to our HIGHER SELF.

Now that you know where the chakras are located in your body, now what?

I am currently working on a page which explains to you how you activate your energypoints (chakras), why you would want to work on your energy, what good it does, and what it has personally done to me.